Calvin Klein throws some shade at the fashion industry

Mr. Calvin Klein, who sold his brand for about $730 million in 2002, thirtyfour years after having started it, had something to say about the current state of the fashion industry. And I totally agree with him.
Calvin Klein with Kate Moss and Christy Turlington
First he stated that nowdays models are only hired for the amount of followers they have and not because they have a strong connection with the brand they represent.
Talking about the Kardashian/Jenner, he made it clear that he isn’t a fan of them and added that using them isn’t a forward-looking strategy for a brand.
Calvin Klein said: “Now, models are paid for how many followers they have. They’re booked not because they represent the essence of the designer – which is what I tried to do – they’re booked because of how many followers they have online. I don’t think that, long-term, is going to work. I don’t think that’s a great formula for success for the product you’re trying to sell. However, if you take really exquisite photographs of the right people in the right clothes in the right location, and you put it online, that’s fine. Just putting any old clothes on Kim Kardashian, long-term, isn’t going to do a thing.”
Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein Underwear
When asked about Kendall Jenner, Klein replied: “You know, I’m really not that familiar with it. I’m honestly not. I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman. It’s not the kind of thing I would have done, even today.”


Kate Moss for Calvin Klein
Then he criticized the management of several major fashion houses, calling it ‘disappointing’.
Mr. Klein said: “When I see motorcycle jackets for $2,000 that are distressed or ripped jeans from couture designers, I think to myself, ‘Are they kidding me?’ We’ve been doing this for 30 years. It’s not new. I understand why it’s young and cool, but there is a thing about respect for women and trying to make women look as beautiful as they possibly can, and also creating new things. There’s a lot that’s going on that’s disappointing. Designers stay two years and their contract’s up, and then they think they have invented the name Dior or Saint Laurent or Balenciaga. Everyone’s replaceable. A lot of designers get replaced, and often get forgotten.”
I can read a veiled allusion to Olivier Rousteing


Kate Moss and Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein
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