Zendaya in Spiderman reboot

Who wants to watch the umpteenth remake of Spiderman?

She might be a star on the stage, but Zendaya is an unproven talent as an actress: ‘When it comes to the acting space, I’m basically unknown. I’ve never been in a real movie before or anything like that, so I had to start from the bottom like anyone else,’ she explained during an interview with Ellen Degeneres.
We just adore her and we hope her part in the film will be captivating and intense.
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy another of her fashionista looks: a spring lace dress by Monique Lhuillier, featuring a rich combination of colours (magenta, orange and aqua green). A real hymn to good weather!

Written by: Claudia



"Diversion. Distraction. Fantasy. [Travel.] Change of fashion, food, love and landscape. We need them as the air we breathe. Without change our brains and bodies rot." Bruce Chatwin - It’s A Nomad Nomad World

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