merrel westoff


From the Greek ‘monokrat’ (absolute ruler); -krat is replaced by craft to indicate hancraft; the double f comes from her surname, Westhoff.

This is the name of the line designed and created by Merrel Westhoff, a former full-time model, who started producing her own handmade jewelry in her apartment/atelier in Rotterdam.
Minimalism, ancient patterns, tribal techniques, architecture, simple geometry and “the shapes of shadows” are the inspiring keywords of this line.

When less is more

Take a look at these stunning jewels and the only question will be: how many pieces or piercings are you going to want?

merrel westoff


merrel westoff


merrel westoff


merrel westoff


Would you like to know more about Monocrafft? Find Merrel’s jewelry at and on Instagram.

written by: Claudia


"Diversion. Distraction. Fantasy. [Travel.] Change of fashion, food, love and landscape. We need them as the air we breathe. Without change our brains and bodies rot." Bruce Chatwin - It’s A Nomad Nomad World

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