EMPIRE : Leslie Sackey covers V Bozeman

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At this point I think that none of us can go around not knowing what Empire is: THE BEST TV SHOW EVER.
Ok, one of the best, but allow me to define it as a “miracle” : the FOX hit series produced by Lee Daniels, starring Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard, has broken all the records, delivering a product that was both entertaining and revolutionary.
The second season is already proving to be as good as the opening one, so I guess you have enough reasons to become a fan right now: Empire is drama with a touch of comedy and soap opera, but above all, Empire is music…Timbaland’s music!
You might have loved the light and pop-friendly tone of Glee, but now is time to fall for television’s take on Rap, Hip pop, RnB and soul music! 
And since we are talking about music & Empire, let’s see what our Leslie has to say about one of the best artists launched by show: V Bozeman!
written by: Stella
Who is Veronica Bozeman? 
This is one of the first questions I’ve been asked when I mentioned her name.
Well, Veronica ‘V’ Bozeman is one of the rising stars of the present soul – blues – R&B scene.
If you don’t know her, just watch FOX’s hit show Empire: thanks to her breathtaking performance of “What Is Love”, in the very first episode of the tv show, she climbed to the top of the Billboard Chart, obviously catching my attention! 
The California native has always been in the field as songwriter and she has done vocal productions for big names of the music industry, such as Monica, Rihanna and Patti Labelle; nevertheless, she has recently decided to go solo.
In November 2014 her single “Race Jones” was released, revealing an edgy old school R&B sound; now she is a Timbaland’s protégée and part of the producer’s upcoming project “Opera Noir”: in case you have not, please check their first duet Smile” !
Her powerful voice, stage presence and natural beauty make her a complete artist, maybe she will become the new Erikah Badu or the new Alicia Keys; who knows! 
To honor her talent I have decided to cover her amazing hit single “What is Love”, take a listen: 

written by: Leslie Sackey


Credo tutto sia iniziato con la mia passione per la scrittura e la curiosità verso il mondo della moda. SUGAREAL è il risultato dell’incontro di queste due passioni (nonché una sorta di figlio per me). Quando non parlo di moda o delle (dis)avventure dell’essere mamma, mi perdo nella musica e nelle serie tv.

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