Elie Saab: Fall 2015 Couture

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Fall 2015

Elie Saab celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Claudine in the most fashionable way I have ever seen: dedicating her an entire couture collection.
Elie Saab Show 2015 runway dresses

You know what they say, “love can truly make you do great things”: the jewel hue of his wife’s gown became the leitmotif of his new haute couture collection; indeed the models hit the runway sumptuous richly decorated designs in various shades of gold (white gold, rose gold, and antique gold).  
However, the collection’s color palette displayed also alluring looks tinged in green, burgundy and black. The designer applied a little experimentation to the shoulders, which sometimes appeared sculptured or accentuated by furs applications. 
The Byzantine vibe was unmistakable: another ethereal collection that looked at the past to gift us with a taste of future. 

Elie Saab Show 2015 dress
Elie Saab Show 2015 dresses
Elie Saab Show 2015 dresses
Elie Saab Show 2015 runway
Elie Saab Show 2015 runway
Elie Saab Show 2015 runway
Elie Saab Show 2015 runway
Elie Saab Show 2015 best
Elie Saab Show 2015 best
Elie Saab Fall 2015 Couture
Close up bags details elie saab show 2015

written by: Stella & MsD


Credo tutto sia iniziato con la mia passione per la scrittura e la curiosità verso il mondo della moda. SUGAREAL è il risultato dell’incontro di queste due passioni (nonché una sorta di figlio per me). Quando non parlo di moda o delle (dis)avventure dell’essere mamma, mi perdo nella musica e nelle serie tv.

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