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Come probabilmente avrete notato dal nostro profilo instagram, verso la fine di aprile non eravamo occupate a spendere tempo scrivendo un nuovo post per Sugareal, ci stavano semplicemente gustando il nostro primo viaggio da Sugareal crew a Stresa, piccola perla del Lago Maggiore. Ad accoglierci un panorama incredibile: la primavera qui fa davvero le cose in grande! Esplosione di colori  mozzafiato anche sulle isole Borromee, che ci hanno cosí dimostrato perché fossero così  amate da Ernest Hemingway.

Non posso descrivervi quanto piacevole fosse il tempo, quando leggero fosse il vento e quanto bella fosse la vista dallo sky bar dell’hotel. Le foto parlano da sole.

As you probably noticed by our instagram profile, at the end of april we were not spending our time writing new posts for Sugareal, we were just enjoying our first Sugareal trip to Stresa (Lake Maggiore, north of Italy). As soon as we got there, we found a breathtaking landscape waiting for us: I mean Spring turned this place into a real paradise! The Borromean islands were a jaw-dropping explosion of colors, proving to us why they were loved by Ernest Hemingway.

I cannot tell you how lovely the weather was, how gentle the wind was and how beautiful the view from the rooftop of our hotel was. The pics speak by themselves.

Inside Palazzo Borromeo:


I take photos

When Stella asked me to contribute to the blog in 2014, I knew nothing about fashion and just a little about photography. Thanks to this project I keep pushing myself beyond my insecurity (I am a professional shy) and every day I learn something new. My personal motto is:"Stay hungry. Stay sereno" that means be curious and don't panic!

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