The first man to promote a CHANEL bag? Pharell Williams of course!

“it was fun, I mean Karl knows what he wants, he knows what he’s doing.”

If you said so Phrarrel, than we trust you.

Chanel’s Gabrielle handbag ad campaign

Pharell Williams debutta nella nuova campagna di borse Chanel — la prima campagna del suo genere a mostrare un uomo come protagonista. Una novità che il brand aveva annunciato già in Gennaio, ma solo ora vengono rese pubbliche le immagini della campagna pubblicitaria, dove insieme al producer/cantante, appaiono anche modella Cara Delevigne e l’attrice Kristen Stewart. Phrarrell posa indossando la Gabrielle bag, accessorio che ha iniziato a sfoggiare anche nella vita reale. L’intento di Chanel è chiaramente quello di svecchiare la propria immagina in favore di un pubblico più giovane (che si spera essere in grado di permettersi tali accessori), senza dimenticare le proprie origini e l’eredità di Gabriel (Coco) Chanel. Infatti questa nuova campagna si inserisce in un progetto più ampio volto a celebrare la fondatrice del marchio e tutto ciò che essa ha rappresentato per l’industria della moda. Ecco quindi la presentazione della borsa Gabrielle de Chanel , in prossima uscita la fragranza Gabrielle Chanel e dal 3 Apile il debutto  di 4 mini tribute movie dedicati alle diverse sfumature di Gabrielle sul sito di Chanel. Are you excited?

Pharell Williams debutes as the first man to star in a Chanel handbag campaign. The news was announced by the French brand back in January, but the campaign’s first pictures have been released only now; aside the pictures the singer/producer, the campaign features also top model Cara Delevingne and acress Kristen Stewart. In the images Pharell poses carring the Gabrielle bag , which he’s since started carrying in real life, too. Chanel’s goal is clearly to update its image in order to attract a younger audience (which is supposed to be able to afford its products), without forgetting its rooths and Gabrielle Chanel’s (Coco) legacy. Indeed this new campaign is part of a bigger project aimed to celebrate the iconic founder of the Chanel maison and her game-changing role in the fashion industry. So here we are looking at the launch of the Gabrielle de Chanel bag, which will be followed by a fragrance named also Gabrielle Chanel and 4 short films each one focused on a different side of Gabrielle, that Chanel is going to release on its Youtube channel from April 3rd. Are you excited to discover the real essence of Chanel?

Chanel’s Gabrielle handbag ad campaign




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